The Maine Event Salon
1248 South Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
954-728-FOXY (3699)

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Prices are base prices and may vary according to hair length, volume, and time spent providing the service.  Consultations and getting to know you are free and we are happy to welcome you to The Maine Event circle of friends.
 Bang Trim 10 
Child’s Haircut 25 
Women’s Wet Cut 40 
Women’s Cut and Blowout 60 
Men’s Haircut/Style 30 
Women’s Blowout Long 45 
Women’s Blowout Medium 40 
Women’s Blowout Shoulder 35 
Women's Blowout Short 30
Single Process Color (re-touch) 65 
Single Color Change Full Length 110 
Hi/Low Lights Full Long Hair 130 
Hi/Low Lights Full Short Hair 100 
Partial Hi/Low Lights Long 100 
Partial Hi/Low Lights Short 75 
Toner/Glazing/Cellophane 35 
Keratin Treatment (Cezanne) 275
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